Over the years taking images, I have had the opportunity to shoot in many strange and wonderful locations.  

This selection is from some of the most memorable - including a crater from a live volcano in New Zealand, the oldest tree in the world, a glacier in Iceland and pylons in the desert of the Middle East.

Im interested in exploring the balance between the man-made and our environment. The interaction between the two and how this manisfests in differnet parts of the world. 

Every picture has a story.

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Example Locations:

Sahara Desert
A new city close to Abu Dhabi - run on large diesel generators.
 A jet engine.
The pools around one of the oldest glaciers in Europe.
Tourists exploring a small part of an amazing stretch of coastline in New Zealand.
Oreexplore mining company
Forfarsmakten (The Swedish Military)
Anechoic chamber
Offshore wind farm, Swden

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