This is a selection of people I have met along the journey. Over the years it has really been cemented in my mind, that it is the people that make the location most times. 

I imagine visiting, for me quite foreign locations, to be made aware that there are people who are part of the environment. They belong there. They see and experience it every day.  

I regularly get a response “why do you want to take pictures here?” when shooting an industrial estate or factory or vessel. It's a reminder that we all live and work in very different places.

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Maersk Acheiver personal
Ian Denton
Cecilia Carlstedt


Over the years taking images, I have had the opportunity to shoot in many strange and wonderful locations.  

This selection is from some of the most memorable - including a crater from a live volcano in New Zealand, the oldest tree in the world, a glacier in Iceland and pylons in the desert of the Middle East.

Im interested in exploring the balance between the man-made and our environment. The interaction between the two and how this manisfests in differnet parts of the world. 

Every picture has a story.

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Example Locations:

Sahara Desert
A new city close to Abu Dhabi - run on large diesel generators.
 A jet engine.
The pools around one of the oldest glaciers in Europe.
Tourists exploring a small part of an amazing stretch of coastline in New Zealand.
Oreexplore mining company
Försvarsmakten (The Swedish Military)
Anechoic chamber
Offshore wind farm, Swden
Hidden tunnels under London
VLA (Very Large Array), New Mexico


Hanging out of a plane spinning around a chosen point on the ground is a thrill of shooting aerial work. 

It is always a pleasure to photograph subjects from the air, giving the image a very specific perspective and aesthetic. 

Although I can also use a drone and this fits well with certain assignments, for me the best work is done with the use of a helicopter or small plane. 

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Example Locations:

Rotterdam Harbour
Skåne, Sweden
Öland, Sweden

European Energy
Case Study

European Energy are are a global company aiming to drive the change to renewable energy. I was tasked to travel to western Italy to shoot one of their solar farms. 

The idea was to demonstrate that areas surrounding solar arrays can be places of meeting and congregating.

We were very lucky to bathed in beautiful Italian autumn light for the shoot which entailed some horse riding and dog walking. 

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CorPower Ocean

Part of a social media campaign updating the progress made with the deployment of CorPower Ocean’s first commercial scale wave energy converter off the coast of Portugal. 

It is part of an ongoing series aimed at 60 secs weekly videos. 
To keep production costs down, I shot, edited and delivered the films - including drone footage, interviews and on-site clips.
Documentary visuals shot on location on marine operations. 
CorPower Ocean
Case Study

Working extensively with the renewable energy company CorPower Ocean, I have been involved with the branding and building of their visual assets. 

CorPower Ocean is a now in the process of deploying their first commercial scale wave energy converter off the coast of northern Portugal. 

Alongside all the communications involving video and stills, I have been following the marine operations on board various vessels including a cable laying boat and a number of tugs. 

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Design: Anders Nord Design
Swedavia Airports
Case Study

Swedavia needed a catalogue of fresh images for their external communications. This gave me the chance to gain access to all areas of both Arlanda and Gotland airports, including the runway and up close to the planes.
The challenge with the commission was to be able to execute the series of images under strict time pressures. I was after a set of graphic and clean visuals that show the working airports. 

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Agency: Stockholm Design Lab
Alexander Lervik
Case Study

Photos of Alexander Lerviks light objects in the Swedish landscape.

This was a very fun project involving placing the lamps into a car and driving to various locations around Sweden for a week. 
With the help from a good friend, we managed to find the spots during the day to set up in the early evening to shoot. 
Alexander’s products are very accessible to photograph - as the sun falls, the light from the items interact with the landscape creating a sense of wonder.
The elevator was the image that needed most work. After finding a location, it was lifted in with a crane. An odd look - an elevator in the middle of a forest. A futuristic feel in a Nordic wilderness - what could be better!

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Various locations around southern Sweden.

Photos by Brendan Austin

Book design by LOD
Case Study

Lintex are creators of amazing whiteboards. With a factory based in southern Sweden and heavily invested in renewables, the founders wanted to show the companys fossil free creditals. 
By installing a large solar panelled roof and sourcing wood from eco suppliers, Lintex is driving its production to a more evironmentally conscience product. 

I had the chance to shoot on numerous occasions at the factory, and some arial work of the local area, shot with the use of a plane and drone. 

Its a beautiful part of the world.

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Agency: Henrik Nygren Design

Photos by Brendan Austin


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